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End of Term “Super StatPack”

Here, in one download, are all of our stats, figures, charts, lists, and observations about the just-concluded Term.  In addition to our regular inclusions, we’ve added several additional pieces of data and two new lists to this “Super StatPack,” and for these we can thank not only Ben but Brian Sagona, Kristina Moore, and Max Schwartz, our three terrific new additions to the team.

We now have two new case lists: one has a visual representation of each decision, with the majority justices in color and the dissenters grayed out, and the second has an overview of each case, whether the decision was affirmed or reversed, what Court the case came from, and other relevant data.  We’ve also added our annual end-of-term opinion tally, a non-unanimous agreement chart, and, to try to make sense of it all, a summary memorandum.

We welcome any citation, republishing, or repurposing of these facts and figures.  We only ask that you acknowledge that SCOTUSblog is the source.  After the jump, you’ll find the table of contents, where you can also download each piece individually.

1. Summary Memo (New)
2. Justice Agreement
3. Non-unanimous Agreement (New)
4. Decisions by Final Vote
5. Frequency in the Majority
6. Opinion Tally (New), principally by Max Schwartz
7. Circuit Scorecard
8. Opinion Authors by Sitting
9. The Court’s Workload
10. Visual Representation of Supreme Court Voting Lineups (New), principally by Ben Winograd
11. OT07 Complete Case List (New), principally by Brian Sagona and Kristina Moore
12. Grant Rates by Conference