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Boumediene v. Bush and Al-Odah v. U.S. Decision Round-Up

Today’s decision in the Guantanamo Bay detainees case has generated a wealth of coverage and commentary. In the Washington Post, Robert Barnes provides this article detailing the Court’s decision, and columnist Dan Froomkin offers this opinion piece.

The Wall Street Journal’s coverage includes this article by Jess Bravin, as well as a brief “Breaking News” post by Dan Slater on the Law Blog.

David Stout’s coverage for the New York Times is available here, and David Savage has this article in the LA Times.

Mark Sherman’s article for the AP is available here, and an AP article describing the “scramble” among District Court judges caused by the decision can be accessed here. Also, the AP’s Deb Riechmann contributes this article outlining President Bush’s response to the decision.

James Vicini of Reuters provides this report, Greg Stohr offers this article for Bloomberg, and Bill Mears’ piece for can be found here.

The Volokh Conspiracy offers extensive analysis and commentary from Orin Kerr, Ilya Somin, and Jonathan Adler. Meanwhile, David Barron provides these comments in Slate’s Convictions Blog, and Tony Mauro describes the dramatic day at the Court on The BLT.