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Today’s Orders – Four Grants

Today’s orders list is now available here. Today’s granted cases are:

07-320: Davis v. FEC (on direct appeal, not a writ of certiorari)

07-371: Taylor v. Sturgell

07-474: Enquist v. Oregon Dept. of Agriculture.

07-6053: Giles v. California

Available filings can be found after the jump.

Docket: 07-320
Case name: Davis v. Federal Election Commission
Issue: Whether BCRA’s so-called “Millionaire’s Amendment,” which relaxes campaign finance limits for opponents of congressional candidates spending more than $350,000 of their own money, violates either the First or Fifth Amendments.


Docket: 07-371
Case name: Taylor v. Sturgell
Issue: Whether a FOIA request may be barred by res judicata on grounds the petitioner was “virtually represented” by a close associate who previously sought disclosure of the same documents.


Docket: 07-474
Case name: Engquist v. Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
Issue: Whether traditional rational basis equal protection analysis, the so-called ‘class of one’ legal theory, applies to public employment decisions.


Docket: 07-6053
Case name: Giles v. California
Whether criminal defendants forfeit their Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause Claims upon a showing the defendant caused the unavailability of the witness or upon a showing the defendant’s actions were undertaken specifically to prevent the witness from testifying.

(Hat tip for cert filings: The Confrontation Blog)