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The following is by Eliza Presson of Howe & Russell.

In Legal Times, Allison R. Hayward writes in this piece that Chief Justice Roberts’ decision in Wisconsin Right to Life is less of a departure than some legal scholars have argued.

At Slate, Dahlia Lithwick concludes that former Justice O’Connor’s legacy has been swiftly “dismantled” by decisions this term, in part because there is little place for her “real-word compromises” between the “two teams of frustrated constitutional purists” on the Court now.

In Sunday’s New York Times, Linda Greenhouse had this piece discussing the strategies, both in the long and short term, that liberal politicians and legal scholars are considering to combat the Supreme Court’s conservative turn.

In the National Journal, Stuart Taylor had this piece on race-based student assignment policies.

The impact of Garcetti v. Ceballos on John Koppel – a senior Justice Department attorney who wrote this critical op-ed in the Denver Post – is discussed here on Workplace Prof Blog.

Timothy O’Neill’s lighthearted piece on the similarities among the Justices’ backgrounds is found here in today’s Chicago Tribune.