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At Balkinization, Mark Tushnet has this analysis of Justice Kennedy’s concurring school integration opinion, in which Tushnet concentrates on the legal ramifications of “Part I” of the opinion. In the USA Today, Tony Mauro writes this commentary on Justice Thomas’s seeming “invisibility” in regards to the Seattle and Louisville race cases and on Justice Thomas’s understanding of the role of race in American schools.

Robin Toner of the New York Times reports in this article on the Democrats’ outrage over the decisions issued by the Roberts Court and their ramifications for the 2008 elections. A Times editorial, here, decries the profoundly conservative shift in the Court this term, going so far as to say that “It has been decades since the most privileged members of society – corporations, the wealthy, white people who want to attend schools with other whites – have had such a successful Supreme Court term.” This editorial in the San Francisco Chronicle comments on the Court’s “undeniable” conservative turn that puts at risk rights that “Americans have taken for granted.”

On NPR’s Morning Edition, Nina Totenberg has this report on the conservative shift in the Court and its reversal of “a number of key precedents.”

TalkLeft compiles several postings that suggest terms for Scooter Libby’s supervised release here.