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On NPR’s Talk of the Nation, Nina Totenberg, Michael Dorf and Theodore Olson discuss last week’s landmark decisions in this audio segment. In today’s Washington Post, this editorial describes the Term as “simultaneously unsurprising and disappointing.” Here, Linda Greenhouse has her latest Supreme Court Memo in today’s New York Times discussing the “new dynamic” that emerged this Term and Justice Kennedy’s key role. At Crime & Consequences, Kent Scheidegger has these comments on the end of the Term and reversal rates for federal circuits. The National Women’s Law Center weighs in here on the negative impact of the OT2006 Term on women and civil rights at

Eugene Robinson decries the Seattle and Louisville school decisions in this column in the Seattle Times, declaring that “any progress our increasingly diverse country makes toward fairness and equality will come in spite of the nation’s highest court, not because of it”; Steve Chapman weighs in here at Reason stating “in the wake of this decision, education officials can now focus more on what’s really important.”

Tony Mauro has this post at The BLT on a talk given by Chief Justice Roberts over the weekend at the 4th Circuit Judicial Conference.

Professor Ira Lupu and Professor Robert Tuttle, Co-Directors of Legal Research for the Roundtable on Religion and Social Welfare Policy, have this essay analyzing Hein v. Freedom From Religion and its impact.