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Round-Up: Grants, Decisions & End-of-Term Analysis

Co-authored by Adam Chandler.

CNN has this story on the High Court’s decision to hear Guantanamo detainee cases, Boumediene v. Bush (06-1195) and Al Odah v. U.S. (06-1196); William Glaberson of the New York Times reports here on the Court’s decision to reconsider the appeals from two detainees; Bloomberg’s Greg Stohr and Laurie Asseo have this article; Pete Yost of the Associated Press reports here; NPR has this coverage of the Court’s reversal; and Orin Kerr weighs in here at Volokh Conspiracy.

NPR’s Nina Totenberg weighs in here on the school decisions; Linda Greenhouse reports here in today’s New York Times; Jess Bravin and Daniel Golden of the Wall Street Journal have this frontpage article; and this editorial runs in today’s Boston Globe. The Carnegie Legal Reporting’s Lawbeat blog reports here on news coverage of the school assignment cases.

The Associated Press has this interactive wrap-up of the October 2006 Term featuring a voting lineup display (incorporating like legal reasoning in addition to general agreement or disagreement on the result) among other graphical analyses. The ACSBlog has this recap of its annual review of the Supreme Court Term, which was held yesterday; video of the entire panel discussion is available here.

This piece by Greenhouse on the front page of yesterday’s New York Times discusses the jurisprudential battle between Justice Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts. At Slate, Emily Blazelon has this story on the “extremely conservative chief justice.” Cass R. Sunstein had this op-ed in yesterday’s Washington Post discussing “a powerful alliance between two different kinds of conservatives: the visionaries and the minimalists.” At Bloomberg, Greg Stohr reports here that Chief Justice Roberts “spearheaded a shift in American law that cut back precedents from a more liberal era” and James Vicini of Reuters has this analysis on the Court’s new direction. Peter Lattman comments on the Chief Justice’s conservatism here at the Law Blog.

Rick Hasen has this piece at discussing the holding in Wisconsin Right to Life v. FEC and what the decision says about the Roberts Court. Andy Siegel weighs in here at PrawfsBlawg on how the current justices match up to expectations; and Jack Balkin has these comments on recent High Court appointees and partisan entrenchment at Balkinization. Robert Barnes and Charles Lane, both of the Washington Post, comment here and here on the Court’s move to the right; and CNN’s Bill Schneider has this article.

The New York Times has a plethora of Court-related coverage in today’s edition, which can be found here. At Slate, the ongoing Supreme Court conversation among Walter Dellinger, Dahlia Lithwick, and Stuart Taylor Jr. takes a turn toward term statistics and Brown. Slate’s “Gabfest” podcast (download here) discusses this week’s action. BusinessWeek has this article here about the Court’s increased “sympathy to business.”

Lastly, the AP reports here on today’s denial of cert. in the Marineau v. Guiles (06-757) student speech case.