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Briefs in Wilkie v. Robbins

UPDATE: Brief for National Wildlife Federation, et al, added.

For those who are interested, we are posting the briefs filed thus far in Wilkie v. Robbins, No. 06-219, in which we filed the Brief for the Respondent this week (see prior post describing the issues involved).

Petitioners’ briefs is here. The Joint Appendix is here (the pull out map is here).

The National Wildlife Federation, et al. filed an amicus brief supporting petitioners.

Respondent’s brief is here.

There are seven amicus briefs supporting respondent:

Pacific Legal Foundation, et al.

Brooks Realty and Burgett Geothermal Greenhouses, Inc.

Mountain States Legal Foundation

New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Assoc., et al.

Oregon Cattlemen’s Assoc. and Nevada N-6 Grazing Board

Paragon Foundation, Inc.

Public Lands Council, et al.