The Supreme Court on Tuesday released its schedule of oral argument for the March sitting, beginning on Monday, March 19. On three of the six days, single cases will be heard; on the other three days, two cases will be heard on each.

Here is the list, with summaries of the issues presented:
Mon., March 19
06-278, Morse v. Frederick — First Amendment right of students to display a pro-drug message at a school-supervised activity
06-219, Wilkie v. Robbins — federal officials’ liability under RICO for official actions

Tue., March 20
06-5247, Fry v. Pliler — harmless error as applied to exclusion of evidence of third-party guilt for a crime

Wed., March 21
06-313, Roper v. Weaver — federal appeals court authority to overturn a death sentence because of a prosecutor’s closing argument at the sentencing phase

Mon., March 26
06-480, Leegin Creative Leather Products v. PSKS — mode of analysis under antitrust law of vertical retail price-fixing
06-5306, Bowles v. Russell — federal appeals court power to dismiss an appeal as too late if the deadline for filing was extended by District Court

Tue., March 27
06-606, Altadis USA v. Sea Star Line — limit on liability of ocean and land freight transport
05-1157, Credit Suisse Securities v. Billing — antitrust immunity for manipulating after-market trading in tech stocks

Wed., March 28
06-484, Tellabs v. Makor Issues & Rights — court power to draw inferences in considering dismissal of securities fraud lawsuits

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