The Supreme Court on Monday afternoon released the calendar for arguments in April. In the absence of a special sitting, these will be the final arguments of the Term. Arguments are scheduled only for the mornings. Here is the schedule, day by day:

Monday, April 17
Washington v. Recuenco (05-83) — violation of jury role in sentencing as harmless error.
Burlington Northern v. White (05-529) — proof needed for a retaliation claim under Title VII.

Tuesday, April 18
U.S. v. Gonzalez-Lopez (05-352) — remedy for denial of the right to a lawyer of one’s own choosing.
Zedner v. U.S. (05-5992) — violation of Speedy Trial Act as harmless error.

Wednesday, April 19
Arlington School District v. Murphy (05-18) — right of parents to recover fees paid to educational expert in disabled student education case.
Clark v. Arizona (05-5966) — claim of a due process right to make an insanity defense.

Monday, April 24
Brigham City v. Stuart (05-502) — police authority to enter a home without a warrant if they see fighting is going on inside.
Kircher v. Putnam Funds Trust (05-409) — scope of appeal rights when a securities lawsuit was remanded from federal to state court.

Tuesday, April 25
Dixon v . U.S. (05-7053) — burden of proof on defense theory of duress or coercion.
Empire Healthchoice v. McVeigh (05-200) — right to sue for government contractor providing health benefits to federal employees.

Wednesday, April 26
Hill v. McDonough (05-8794) — method available to challenge state’s use of lethal injection in executions.
Mohawk Industries v. Williams (05-465) — definition of “enterprise” under RICO.

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