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Briefs in Marshall v. Marshall

On January 20, the respondent filed his brief in Marshall v. Marshall, No. 04-1544, (aka, the Anna Nichole Smith case). The question before the Court involves the application of the so-called “probate exception” to federal bankruptcy jurisdiction.

Disclosure: Goldstein & Howe is co-counsel for the respondent.

Because we thought E! Online is unlikely to post them, we decided to link to the briefs here for those who are interested:

Petitioner’s Side:

Petitioner’s Brief

Brief of the United States as Amicus Supporting Petitioner

Amicus Brief of Law Professors Supporting Petitioner

Amicus Brief of Heirs, Inc.

Respondent’s Side:

Respondent’s Brief

Amicus Brief of Texas, et al.

Amicus Brief of Law Professors Supporting Respondent

Amicus Brief of Washington Legal Foundation

Amicus Brief of National College of Probate Judges

Amicus Brief of the Philanthropy Roundtable

Amicus Brief of Bonnie Snavely

Amicus Brief of Eric Yollick