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Blog Round-up – Thursday, September 29th

The First Amendment Center has posted this article by Tony Mauro on the Court’s decision to revisit the campaign finance debate.

Here is Underneath Their Robes on the speculation that Judge Danny J. Boggs, of the Sixth Circuit will be nominated to replace Justice O’Connor.

ACSBlog asks, “Who is Janice Rogers Brown?” Judge Brown has been suggested as a potential high Court nominee.

The faculty at the University of Chicago has started their own blog.

Eugene Volokh has this post on the Supreme Court, federalism and consistency.

Election Law Blog has this post on the New York Times, Chief Justice Roberts, and the Vermont Campaign Finance Limits Case.

Sentencing Law & Policy asks, “Now that we have Chief Justice Roberts, who’s next?”

Ann Althouse has this post on a debate yesterday between Justices Breyer and Scalia at Harvard Law School.

Jack Balkin tells us that the future of the Constitution is now.