Animal Legal Defense Fund v. Department of Homeland Security

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18-247 S.D. Cal. TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD

Issue: Whether Section 102(c) of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act—which grants the Secretary of Homeland Security sweeping power to waive any or all legal requirements in her sole discretion, and then insulates that exercise of discretion from judicial review—violates the separation of powers.

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DateProceedings and Orders (key to color coding)
May 07 2018Application (17A1239) to extend the time to file a petition for a writ of certiorari from June 24, 2018 to August 23, 2018, submitted to Justice Kennedy.
May 10 2018Application (17A1239) granted by Justice Kennedy extending the time to file until August 23, 2018.
Aug 23 2018Petition for a writ of certiorari filed. (Response due September 27, 2018)
Sep 19 2018Motion to extend the time to file a response from September 27, 2018 to October 29, 2018, submitted to The Clerk.
Sep 20 2018Motion to extend the time to file a response is granted and the time is extended to and including October 29, 2018.
Sep 27 2018Brief amicus curiae of The Cato Institute filed.
Sep 27 2018Brief amici curiae of Nine Members of the U.S. House of Representatives filed.
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