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Ronald Mann is a professor of law at Columbia, where he teaches courses in commercial finance and electronic commerce. He graduated from the University of Texas in 1985, and after clerking on the Ninth Circuit (Judge Sneed) and the Supreme Court (Justice Powell), he worked in the Solicitor General’s office under Kenneth Starr and Drew Days. He has written extensively about credit cards and other electronic payments systems, the role of patents in financing innovation, and related topics. He will cover the Court’s cases in the areas of banking and intellectual property.

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02.17.15 Not much of a dispute in ERISA case about duty to monitor
01.26.15 Opinion analysis: Justices reject presumption of health-benefit vesting, calling for analysis under ordinary contract principles
01.21.15 Opinion analysis: Justices, yet again, remind courts of appeals of importance of juries in IP cases
01.20.15 Opinion analysis: Court moves to rein in Federal Circuit control over district court claim construction
01.16.15 Argument analysis: Justices searching for a clear rule to define bankruptcy jurisdiction
01.13.15 Argument preview: Justices hope third time is a charm as they try once again to explain Article III limitations on bankruptcy courts
01.13.15 Argument analysis: Justices dubious of government’s broad reading of False Claims Act
01.13.15 Opinion analysis: Shortest opinion of the year explains TILA rescission right
01.12.15 Argument preview: Contractor fraud case calls for close reading of the False Claims Act
12.16.14 Opinion analysis: Court stretches to correct anachronistic Tenth Circuit pleading rule
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    In a conversation with Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard, Justice Samuel Alito reflects upon (among other things) his arrival on the Court, recent First Amendment cases, the themes in his dissent in Obergefell v. Hodges, and his love for baseball.

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