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First Mondays is a podcast about the Supreme Court, co-hosted by Dan Epps and Ian Samuel and produced by Melody Rowell. Recorded each week that the court is in session, Dan and Ian talk about upcoming cases, break down the term’s major (and not-so-major) arguments, analyze opinions, gossip about court intrigue and make wildly inaccurate predictions.

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09.03.18 In Recess #9: “Hoofbeats in the Distance”
08.27.18 Good Behaviour #9: “A Bunch of Printers”
08.20.18 1L First Street #1: “Dumbo’s Feather”
08.13.18 In Recess #8: “Would You Rather”
08.06.18 Good Behaviour #8: “Batting .998”
07.30.18 In Recess #7: “Robot Ban”
07.23.18 In Recess #6: “Allen Charge”
07.16.18 In Recess #5: “The Ghost of LBJ”
07.11.18 Good Behaviour #7: “Not an Emirate”
07.09.18 The Annual: OT2017 in Review
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