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We hosted a symposium previewing Monday's argument in Trump v. New York. Click here to read all of the entries.

Orin Kerr Contributor

Orin S. Kerr is a Professor at George Washington University Law School, where he teaches criminal law and procedure. His scholarly work focuses on the Fourth Amendment and computer-related crimes. Professor Kerr was a law clerk for Justice Anthony M. Kennedy for the October Term 2003.

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07.20.18 Judge Kavanaugh on the Fourth Amendment
08.04.17 Symposium: Carpenter and the eyewitness rule
09.16.16 The Court after Scalia: Scalia’s absence may help preserve the exclusionary rule
06.20.16 Opinion analysis: The exclusionary rule is weakened but it still lives
02.22.16 Argument analysis: Court closely divided on the exclusionary rule
02.03.16 Argument preview: Utah v. Strieff and the future of the exclusionary rule
02.26.14 Five thoughts on Fernandez v. California
11.06.13 Fernandez v. California and the problem of third-party consent
02.18.13 Balancing versus the warrant requirement: A few thoughts on Maryland v. King
01.03.13 Ask the author: Tracey Maclin on the Court and the Fourth Amendment
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