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Wednesday round-up


  • On a new episode of the Strict Scrutiny podcast, Leah Litman and Melissa Murray interview Renee Knake Jefferson and Hannah Brenner Johnson about their new book, Shortlisted: Women In The Shadows Of The Supreme Court.
  • On a new episode of the Legal Docket podcast, Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough examine Kansas v. Glover, a 2019 case in which the court held that, when a police officer lacks information negating an inference that a person driving is the vehicle’s owner, an investigative traffic stop made after running the vehicle’s license plate and learning that the registered owner’s driver’s license has been revoked is reasonable under the Fourth Amendment case.
  • In the George Washington Law Review’s online companion, Arguendo, Justin Aimonetti and Christian Talley analyze a circuit split over whether plaintiffs have standing to sue under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act based on the receipt of unsolicited “robotexts.” They argue that the Supreme Court should grant cert to resolve the issue.

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