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Friday round-up

Coverage and commentary on President Donald Trump’s expanded list of potential Supreme Court nominees continues. NPR’s Nina Totenberg examines how some of the new candidates differ from those on previous iterations of the list. “While the previous three lists included just one elected politician and no administration officials, this list includes three U.S. senators — all fire-breathing conservative Republicans,” Totenberg reports. “All three have, directly or indirectly, criticized Chief Justice John Roberts for not being conservative enough, and all three have presidential ambitions.” In Slate, Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern argue that, although Trump’s initial release of potential judicial nominees in 2016 bolstered him politically by assuaging the concerns of some conservatives, this week’s release is unlikely to have the same effect. “The 20 new names won’t sway anyone this time,” Lithwick and Stern write, “not just because they aren’t very interesting, but because there is no one left to convince: Everyone who is planning to vote for Trump because of the Supreme Court made up their minds long ago.”


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