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Thursday round-up


  • At the National Law Journal (registration or subscription required), Tony Mauro reports that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has “four more events scheduled” before the start of term following yesterday’s sold-out appearance with former President Bill Clinton in Arkansas.
  • In an op-ed at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Thomas McAffee argues that instituting term limits for the Supreme Court would “promote the search for judges who are faithful to established legal principles and make less likely the appointment of those dedicated to reaching particular political outcomes.”
  • At Slate, Richard Hasen analyzes the potential unintended consequences of a cert petition, described by counsel Larry Lessig as intended to give the Supreme Court “the opportunity to reflect on the [Electoral College] without it determining an election one way or the other,” should it be granted by the justices this term.
  • At ABA Journal (from Around the Circuit), Erwin Chemerinsky observes that three major administrative law decisions from the past term portend that the “Roberts Court will impose significant new limits on the administrative state” in the coming years.

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