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Tuesday round-up


  • At Howe on the Court, Amy Howe reports that the Department of Justice filed an emergency filing at the Supreme Court yesterday, requesting “permission to enforce a new rule that would bar most migrants from seeking asylum in this country if they pass through another country before arriving in the United States.”
  • At The Buffalo News, Harold McNeil and Sandra Tan report that “long before” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg took the stage yesterday at the University at Buffalo to provide remarks after her recent cancer treatment and accept an honorary degree, “seats in the Center for the Arts were filling up” – admission to the event had “sold out within 15 minutes.”
  • At the National Law Journal, Tony Mauro interviews advocate Beth Brinkmann regarding her 25th argument in front of the Supreme Court in Return Mail v. United States Postal Service this year, which secured her place “near the top of what is still a fairly short list of female Supreme Court advocates in private practice.”
  • At Jost on Justice, Kenneth Jost suggests that this term’s decision in American Legion v. American Humanist Association is only the beginning of a trend that “portends a relaxed view for future Establishment Clause challenges beyond the specific facts” of the case itself.
  • At the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin (subscription required), Daniel Cotter argues that although “several Democratic nominee hopefuls have expressed how they might change” the future of the Supreme Court, the lack of questions about the court at the first two primary debates is stifling efforts of discussion around the issue.

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