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April arguments, day by day

The Supreme Court on Friday released the list of oral arguments for the final scheduled sitting of the Term, beginning on Monday, April 18, and continuing for two weeks.  The government’s appeal on President Barack Obama’s sweeping new immigration policy will be heard on that first day; it is the only case set for that day, allowing the hour’s time allotted to be extended.

The daily schedule, with a brief summary of the legal issues at stake in each case, follows the jump.

Monday, April 18:

United States v. Texas — legality under federal law, and constitutionality under the Take Care Clause, of the government’s deferred deportation policy for more than four million undocumented immigrants

Tuesday, April 19:

United States v. Bryant — constitutionality of the use of a misdemeanor conviction in an Indian tribal court without a lawyer as a basis for a federal criminal charge of domestic violence

Universal Health Services v. United States ex rel. Escobar — proof required for a federal contractor’s false claim for reimbursement under the False Claims Act when an omission by the contractor did not involve an act that was made a condition of payment

Wednesday, April 20:

Birchfield v. North Dakota (consolidated for one hour of oral argument with Bernard v. Minnesota and Beylund v. Levi) — constitutionality of warrantless roadside drunk-driving tests and of assumed consent to such tests

Encino Motorcars v. Navarro — whether car dealers’ service writers should be treated as salesmen exempt from overtime pay eligibility

Monday, April 25:

Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons — standard for awarding attorney’s fees in a copyright case

Cuozzo Speed Technologies v. Lee — scope of Patent and Trademark Office’s review of challenges to patent validity

Tuesday, April 26:

Mathis v. United States — relationship of the elements of a crime in determining the offenses that can lead to enhanced sentencing under the Armed Career Criminal Act

Dietz v. Bouldin — authority of a trial judge to recall a jury for further service after it has been completely discharged

Wednesday, April 27:

McDonnell v. United States — definition of “official acts” that can lead to prosecution for fraud by a former governor for providing favors for a friend or benefactor

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