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Wednesday round-up


  • In the Supreme Court Brief (subscription required), Tony Mauro reviews a new book by Todd Peppers and Clare Cushman on Supreme Court law clerks, noting that the book “sheds new light on some lesser-known justices” and includes stories from “some of the 13 father-daughter and father-son duos that have clerked for the court a generation apart.”
  • Elsewhere in the Supreme Court Brief, Mauro compiles a list of “ten books for the Supreme Court aficionado in your life.”
  • At PrawfsBlawg, Ian Bartrum discusses the challenge to the University of Texas at Austin’s consideration of race in its undergraduate admissions process and its relationship to the legacy of Plessy v. Ferguson.
  • In an op-ed for The New York Times, Amanda Frost and Steve Vladeck discuss standing and the challenge to President Barack Obama’s immigration policy, urging the Court to “accept the case, hold that the plaintiffs lack standing, and send it back to the lower courts with instructions to dismiss.”
  • At his Election Law Blog, Rick Hasen looks ahead at election law litigation in 2016, predicting that it will include “emergency last minute litigation making it to the Supreme Court as part of whatWill Baude calls the Supreme Court’s ‘shadow docket.’”
  • At Vox, Michelle Garcia interviewed one of the authors of the rap artists’ amicus brief in support of the Mississippi high school student suspended for a protest rap.
  • In the Los Angeles Times, David Savage profiles Edward Blum, noting that the “most effective legal strategist before the Supreme Court these days is a retired stockbroker and liberal-turned-conservative who admits he sometimes finds plaintiffs by cold-calling strangers on the phone.”

Recommended Citation: Amy Howe, Wednesday round-up, SCOTUSblog (Dec. 23, 2015, 8:13 AM),