• At Hamilton and Griffin on Rights, Susan-Mary Grant explains “Why I Wrote This Book”: her biography of Oliver Wendell Holmes, which she describes as “part of a series designed, in part, to ‘show the impact everyday people can have on the course of history,’ [and] was actually written to try to assess what impact the course of history might have on an everyday individual.”
  • At E&E News’s Greenwire, Robin Bravender profiles John Sturgeon, an “Alaskan moose hunter [who] is hoping the U.S. Supreme Court will let him bring his hovercraft out of retirement.”
  • A cartoon at xkcd has “breaking news” about the Court – including a hidden message, which you can see when your mouse hovers about the cartoon.
  • The Petrie-Flom Center’s Bill of Health Blog discusses an amicus brief filed in the case of a U.S. Air Force officer and her baby, who are seeking “legal remedies for obstetric malpractice by military doctors that left the baby with severe brain damage.”
  • A post at CrimProf Blog discusses an article on constitutional retroactivity – at issue in the case of Montgomery v. Louisiana, in which the Court is considering whether its 2012 decision barring mandatory life-without-parole sentences for juveniles convicted of murder applies to inmates whose convictions became final before the decision.

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