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Friday round-up


  • Congratulations to our own Lyle Denniston, who will be inducted into the Nebraska Press Association’s Hall of Fame today!
  • In The National Law Journal (subscription or registration required), Tony Mauro reports thatSupreme Court justices, aided by their staff, do their own manual checking for potential conflicts of interest, unlike lower federal judges who use more systematic methods that include computer software.”
  • Justice Stephen Breyer appeared on French public radio to discuss (in French) his new book; he also discussed (among other things) Bush v. Gore, campaign finance, and gun rights. [Merci beaucoup to the reader in France who alerted us to this interview.]
  • At Lawfare, Ingrid Wuerth surveys the Court’s merits cases and pending petitions on foreign relations and national security law.
  • At Reason’s Hit and Run Blog, Damon Root discusses Dahlia Lithwick’s review of Dissent and the Supreme Court, by Melvin Urofsky, and agrees that one “of the more under-appreciated themes in American legal history is that today’s dissenting opinion can become tomorrow’s majority opinion.”
  • At The Narrowest Grounds, Asher Steinberg previews next month’s oral arguments in Lockhart v. United States, describing the case as “a case about two dueling canons – the ancient rule of the last antecedent, and the newly discovered ‘series-qualifier’ rule, which made its first appearance by name in Justice Scalia’s 2012 book,Reading Law.
  • At Thomson Reuters’s The Knowledge Effect, Donna Higgins reports on a bankruptcy case in which the Court has been asked to review a ruling by the Sixth Circuit holding that the petitioners’ “affirmative defenses in litigation with JPMorgan Chase Bank over a loan guaranty constituted an ‘interest’ that was extinguished under the Bankruptcy Code, 11 U.S.C.A. § 363(f), when the assets of” a company owned by the petitioner “were sold in a Chapter 11 proceeding.”


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