Justice Stephen Breyer continues to be in the news as he promotes his new book on U.S. courts and foreign law.  At the Blog of Legal Times (subscription or registration required), Tony Mauro covers Breyer’s appearance on Stephen Colbert’s new late-night show, reporting that the two sparred over cameras at the Court.  Nina Totenberg reviews the book for NPR, noting that Breyer had “an ‘aha’ Moment about the importance of law in the world.”  And Kenneth Jost discusses the book at Jost on Justice, observing that “Breyer is also the most internationalist-minded of the current nine” Justices.


  • In The New York Times, Linda Greenhouse reviews Sisters in Law, Linda Hirshman’s new book on Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  • At PrawfsBlawg, Jessie Kimble has a “big-picture overview of the legal claims” in the cert. petition which asks the Court to weigh in on parts of Texas’s new abortion laws.
  • At ACSblog, Joseph Kimble discusses his recent article on Justice Antonin Scalia and textualism; among other things, Kimble summarizes or cites “empirical studies” and “11 other sources that,” he asserts, “cast doubt on the neutrality and consistency of Justice Scalia’s textualism.”
  • In The Legal Intelligencer (subscription or registration required), Charles Kelbley discusses Montgomery v. Louisiana, in which the Court will consider whether its 2012 ruling striking down mandatory sentences of life without parole for juveniles applies retroactively.
  • At the Petri-Flom Center’s Bill of Health Blog, Gregory Lipper weighs in on comments by Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz criticizing Chief Justice John Roberts’s vote in King v. Burwell; Lipper counters that the “lesson of King is not that we should nominate judges who are more willing to accept frivolous legal arguments in order to undermine the Affordable Care Act; it’s that political lawsuits unaccompanied by sound legal arguments do not belong in court.”


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