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Thursday round-up


  • In the wake of Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis’s refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, Linda Greenhouse contends in her column for The New York Times that, although the Roberts Court “has tilted quite far in the direction of free exercise,” “if history is any guide, a tipping point will come that causes society to push back and recalibrate the balance” – a process that “may have begun” with Davis’s case.
  • In the Stanford Lawyer, some of the school’s professors weigh in on some of the most pressing issues facing the Court and the lower courts today.
  • At ACSblog, Brianne Gorod marks Constitution Day and suggests that “[t]he importance of our continuing constitutional story is sometimes ignored even by those who should most remember it—the members of the Supreme Court who have foremost authority and responsibility for interpreting the Constitution and for ‘say[ing] what the Law is.’”
  • The Cato Institute has released its annual Supreme Court Review, looking back at OT2014; among other pieces, blog regulars John Elwood and Conor McEvily look ahead at OT2015.
  • In a post at Cato at Liberty, Ilya Shapiro and Randal John Meyer discuss the amicus brief that Cato filed in support of a cert. petition by the estate of a Maryland man who was killed by a SWAT team investigating “small-time drug possession.”

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