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Monday round-up

Retired Justice John Paul Stevens spoke last week at an annual sports law conference; coverage comes from the Sports Law Blog, which reports that the ninety-five-year-old “regaled the group with stories about baseball’s antitrust exemption, noting where the court erred in relying on stare decisis in the noted ‘baseball trilogy cases.’”

Fired air marshal Robert MacLean, who prevailed in the Supreme Court in his whistleblower lawsuit against the federal government earlier this year, has been officially reinstated to the federal payroll.  Coverage comes from The Orange County Register and Bart Jansen of USA Today.


  • At Jost on Justice, Kenneth Jost weighs in on the Court’s decision in Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar, holding that a Florida rule prohibiting would-be judges from personally soliciting campaign contributions does not violate the First Amendment; he suggests that the ruling “should not be dismissed as inconsequential because the alternative would have made judicial elections much worse than they already are.”
  • At PrawfsBlawg, Richard Re continues the discussion of standing and injury in Zivotofsky v Kerry, the Jerusalem passport case, by re-assembling a Twitter conversation on the topic.
  • On a lighter note, The Onion “reports” that the Justices have debuted their new spaghetti-strap robes for spring.

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