Today’s coverage of and commentary on the Court focus on King v. Burwell, in which the Court will consider whether individuals who purchase their health insurance on a marketplace created by the federal government are eligible for tax subsidies for those purchases.  Jonathan Adler and Nicholas Bagley debate the merits of the case in an appearance posted at The Incidental Economist (video), while in the New Republic Brian Beutler contends that “[t]he Chinese wall separating political and legal arguments is breaking down in King, because the challenge itself is such a farce.”  And at ThinkProgress, Ian Milhiser reports on comments by Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin suggesting “that the central claim in a lawsuit seeking to convince the Supreme Court to gut Obamacare is wrong.” 


  • In her column for The New York Times, Linda Greenhouse writes that Justice Samuel Alito is “much more than just a face in the conservative crowd. He’s something special. He is a rock star.”
  • At his Election Law Blog, Rick Hasen reports that challengers to Wisconsin’s voter identification law have asked the Court to weigh in, and he concludes that “there is a pretty good chance the Supreme Court takes this case (though not necessarily to reverse).”

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