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Monday round-up


  • Noting the fiftieth anniversary (yesterday) of the Court’s landmark decision in New York Times v. Sullivan, Andrew Cohen of The Atlantic urges “[e]very person who writes online or otherwise about public officials . . . to bow his or her head today in a silent moment of gratitude for a single United States Supreme Court decision issued 50 years ago today. It means simply that you can make an honest mistake when writing about a public figure and won’t likely get sued.”
  • The Text & History Blog of the Constitutional Accountability Center discusses the cert. petition that the CAC recently filed in Jackson v. Louisiana, a challenge to that state’s practice of allowing non-unanimous jury verdicts in criminal cases.
  • Daniel Wiessner of Reuters reports that lawyers for James Holmes, who is charged with killing twelve people and injuring many more in a 2012 shooting at a Colorado movie theater, have filed a cert. petition seeking review of a ruling by New York’s highest court in favor of a journalist who has declined to reveal her sources for a story about the shooting.

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