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Wednesday round-up


  • At Politico, Josh Gerstein reports on the latest efforts – television advertising – by groups advocating for cameras at the Supreme Court.
  • At, Ryan Hutchins covers New Jersey’s recent filing of a petition for certiorari “in a last-ditch effort to legalize sports betting at the state’s casinos and horse racing tracks.”
  • In The Atlantic, Andrew Cohen discusses Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s background as a prosecutor and the likelihood that the Court will grant review in a case challenging prosecutorial misconduct in a Virginia murder case.
  • In an op-ed for, Judith Schaeffer praises the recent decision by a federal district court judge striking down Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage (which Lyle covered for this blog), focusing in particular on the court’s reliance on the Supreme Court’s 1967 decision in Loving v. Virginia, striking down the state’s ban on interracial marriages.

Recommended Citation: Amy Howe, Wednesday round-up, SCOTUSblog (Feb. 19, 2014, 10:04 AM),