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Friday round-up

With the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit having declined to block a district judge’s order invalidating Utah’s ban on same-sex marriages, coverage of the case now turns to the possibility that the Supreme Court will weigh in.  Adam Liptak reports on the current state of play for The New York Times.  Although the state had announced that it planned to seek Supreme Court review quickly, it has temporarily delayed its filing while it consults with outside lawyers.  Coverage of these developments comes from Michael Martinez of CNN and Timothy Phelps and David Lauter of the Los Angeles Times.


  • At PBS’s The Rundown blog, Marcia Coyle looks ahead at the major decisions and cases expected at the Court in 2014.
  • At NPR’s Planet Money, Jess Jiang discusses a nineteenth-century case in which the Justices decided that, although fruits, tomatoes should be classified as vegetables for purposes of customs laws.

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