This is another post in an ongoing series analyzing statistical trends at the Court. For a more complete look at the statistics that we collect on the Court, you can find all of our up-to-date charts and graphs here.

We are happy to present the sixth interim Stat Pack for October Term 2012. This edition features updates to each of our charts and several new items: a second circuit scorecard (p. 4), a Justice agreement table for 5-4 cases (p. 15), a series of tables for the highest and lowest agreement pairs (p. 16), and voting alignments for all cases (p. 36-41) and 5-4 cases only (pp. 44-45). You can download the full Stat Pack here.

This edition of the Stat Pack features the following sections:

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Recommended Citation: Kedar Bhatia, Updated Stat Pack for October Term 2012, SCOTUSblog (Jun. 22, 2013, 10:11 AM),