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Wednesday round-up

Yesterday the Court denied an application by Texas death row inmate Marvin Wilson to stay his execution on the ground that he was mentally impaired; Wilson was executed a few hours later.  Coverage comes from Terry Baynes and Jonathan Stempel of Reuters, the Associated Press (via CBS News), Kent Scheidegger of Crime and Consequences, Michael Graczyk of the Huffington Post, and Eyder Peralta of NPR.


  • SCOTUSblog’s online symposium on the Supreme Court and the Election continues with a new post by Gordon Todd.
  • The blog GOVERNINGWorks interviews Tom Goldstein about media coverage of the Court – Part 3 of a series of interviews.
  • At the Volokh Conspiracy, John Elwood notes the release of his “semi-humorous and often factual Supreme Court Term-end wrap-up,” co-authored with Eric White.  (Wrap-ups for the 2008 and 2009 Terms can be found here and here.)
  • Christopher Smart at the Salt Lake Tribune reports on a water rights controversy between Utah and Nevada that could wind up at the Court.

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