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Wednesday round-up

Coverage of the Court’s decisions in the health care cases continues to wind down.  Yesterday the Congressional Budget Office reported that the Court’s ruling on the Medicaid expansion issue will likely result in more people being uninsured and lower costs than the government had projected before the Court’s ruling.  Robert Pear of The New York Times and Lori Montgomery of The Washington Post have coverage. 

In other news, Massachusetts recently filed briefs in which it urged the Court to both review a recent decision by the First Circuit striking down parts of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and hear the federal government’s case against the constitutionality of the Act.  Lyle Denniston covered the filings for this blog; other coverage comes from Milton J. Valencia at the Boston Globe, Chris Geidner at BuzzFeed, Matt Stout at the Boston Herald, and Ros Krasny at Reuters.


  • This blog’s symposium on Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum continues with response posts by Sarah Cleveland and Donald Childress.
  • Also at this blog, Lyle Denniston reports that the Court has appointed Harvard law professor John F. Manning as an amicus in Sebelius v. Auburn Regional Medical Center; the order appointing Manning asks him to brief and argue a position “that lies between the arguments that will be made by the federal government and by 18 hospitals.”
  • Jess Bravin of the Wall Street Journal reviews the latest book by Justice Antonin Scalia and Bryan Garner.  Coinciding with the book’s release, Justice Scalia recently sat for interviews with CNN (which Beverly Mann discusses at the blog Angry Bear) and NPR’s Nina Totenberg.
  • At the ABA Journal, Mark Walsh lists possible Supreme Court picks in a Romney or Obama Administration.
  • At the Huffington Post, Lisa McElroy discusses the Court’s recent Second Amendment rulings in light of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.

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