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Monday round-up

This weekend’s coverage of the Court focused on recent remarks by Justice Antonin Scalia.  In an interview with Fox News, the Justice discussed gun control and the Court’s recent Second Amendment cases, responded to criticism of his dissent in United States v. Arizona, and spoke about the tension – or the lack thereof – at the Court following the health care decision.  The video of the interview can be found here.  Coverage of Justice Scalia’s comments on gun control come from Fox News and The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire, while coverage of his Arizona dissent appears at Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal’s Washington Wire.  USA Today summarizes his remarks on the health care decision.  Relatedly, Justice Scalia discusses his new book on C-Span’s Q&A. 


  • The Washington Post’s Brad Plumer discusses Jonathan Adler’s recent post at The Percolator blog on the possible implications of the health care decision for the Clean Air Act.
  • In an op-ed for Forbes, Don Susswein argues that the Chief Justice is correct that the individual mandate is a tax because it only applies to individuals who are already subject to the existing income tax.
  • At UPI, Michael Kirkland discusses how the Court’s recent Second Amendment decisions inform the calls for more gun control after the Aurora, Colorado shooting.
  • In honor of the Olympics, Ruthann Robson revisits the Court’s 1987 decision in San Francisco Arts and Athletics v. U.S. Olympic Committee at Constitutional Law Prof Blog. 

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