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Friday round-up


  • At this blog and at the Constitution Center, Lyle dissects the “fine print” of President Obama’s recent statements on same-sex marriage.
  • The Associated Press (via the Boston Globe) reports that Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island will seek Supreme Court review of a recent en banc decision by the First Circuit; at issue in the case is a dispute between Rhode Island and the federal government over whether the state must surrender an inmate in its custody under the Interstate Agreement on Detainers Act to face a possible federal death penalty case.
  • Tim Buckland of the Manchester (N.H.) Union Leader discusses another First Circuit case that could result in a cert. petition: Bartlett v. Mutual Pharmaceutical Company, involving the interpretation of two recent Supreme Court decisions – Wyeth v. Levine and PLIVA Inc. v. Mensing – on the availability of lawsuits against drug manufacturers.
  • Continuing with cases in the cert. pipeline, Mike Francis of The Oregonian reports on a cert. petition asking the Court to review whether family courts can consider income from veterans’ benefits when calculating spousal support.
  • Nate Raymond of Thomson Reuters News & Insight reports on the aftermath of the Court’s opinion in PLIVA Inc. v. Mensing, holding that federal drug regulations impliedly preempt state law tort law claims alleging a failure to provide adequate warning labels.
  • At Verdict, Vikram David Amar analyzes the Pew Research Center’s study showing that “the percentage of adult Americans who hold a favorable view of the Supreme Court (52%) is at a 25-year low.”
  • At Politico Prep, Andrew Conneen and Dan Larsen discuss the role of the Court, including whether its job is “[c]ontaining or igniting political fires.”


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