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The SCOTUSblog Community

On Monday, we will launch the new SCOTUSblog Community.

The Community is essentially a discussion board.   I will pick a new topic each business day.  Each topic will presumptively remain open for one week.

We at the blog will contribute our own opening thoughts.  We will then open it up to anyone to contribute.  The discussions will be “threaded€ so that you can address points and questions raised by others.  We will also be soliciting contributions from experts.

Participants will need to register and to identify themselves.  There will be no anonymity.   The information provided in registration will be kept confidential.

We will be moderating the discussion aggressively.  We encourage competing views.  Comments do not have to be based on deep analysis or legal thinking.  But we will not permit uncivil discourse or comments lacking substance.  We will delete comments that do not meet those standards and ban repeat offenders.

The blog will have a daily post on the Community.  It will identify the day’s topic and upcoming topics.  It will also highlight the best comments of the previous day.

Monday’s topic is “What should (as opposed to ‘will’) the Court do in the health care litigation?€  The next four topics will involve the blog redesign; the Maples ineffective assistance of counsel case; the Supreme Court’s approach to patent litigation; and originalism.

We also welcome your suggestions for topics.  Please be sure to email me with any ideas.

We hope that you will participate.

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