The commentary continues on Justice Breyer"™s recent remarks on his book tour, during which he discussed the possibility that Qu"™ran burning might not be constitutionally protected.  At Politico, Josh Gerstein compares Breyer"™s approach to the recent controversy over Qu"™ran burning with that of President Obama, who also discussed Qu"™ran burning recently with George Stephanopoulos.  CNN has a video clip of the Justice"™s conversation with Larry King, during which he clarified his earlier remarks; at the Volokh Conspiracy, Eugene Volokh also discusses Breyer"™s appearance on Larry King.   Meanwhile, in the Wall Street Journal, Jess Bravin reports on a recent conversation with Justice Breyer at his chambers in Boston, in which the Justice addressed popular misperceptions of the Court, while the Associated Press (via the San Jose Mercury News) briefly covers his recent appearance in Los Angeles.


  • As ACSblog reports, the Senate is considering legislation which would outlaw video depictions of animal cruelty in response to United States v. Stevens, in which the Supreme Court struck down a similar law on the basis that it was overly broad.
  • The Hill has coverage of a speech delivered by President Obama at a fundraiser last night, in which he "lamented a "corporate takeover of America"™ he said had been fostered by" the Supreme Court"™s January decision in Citizens United.

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