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OT2004 and 2005 Docket

Here is the updated version of the firm’s OT2004 Case List in pdf and Word.

The Court has decided all of the cases from the October, November, December, and January sittings. Remaining are: February (5 cases); March (3 cases); and April (4 cases).

In February, the cases are Kelo (takings); Van Orden and McCreary County (10 Commandments); Exxon/Ortega (diversity jurisdiction); and Orff (water contracts).

In March, the cases are Grokster; Brand X (Internet access); and Castle Rock (protective orders)

In April, there are 3 habeas procedure cases – Mayle (relation back); Crosby (60(b)); and Thompson (recall of the mandate) – as well as Halbert (right to counsel). My bet is that the habeas cases (or at least Mayle and Crosby) will be decided together.

The Case List document details a variety of information and includes a variety of links about each case. Howard Bashman also has a post that includes much of this information, helpfully breaking out the cases still to be decided.