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Announcement of opinions for Thursday, June 13 (complete)

On Thursday, June 13, we live blogged as the court released opinions in three cases from the current term:

  • The court unanimously holds in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine that the plaintiffs lack a legal right to challenge the FDA’s actions regarding the regulation of mifepristone, the drug used in over half of abortion in the United States.
  • In Vidal v. Elster, the court holds that the Patent and Trademark Office did not violate Steve Elster’s First Amendment right when it refused to register the “Trump too small” mark.
  • In a win for Starbucks, the court holds in Starbucks Corp. v. McKinney that the traditional four-factor test for a preliminary injunction governs requests by the National Labor Relations Board for a preliminary injunction while administrative enforcement proceedings against employers and labor unions for engaging in unfair trade practices are taking place.

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