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Event recap: 2020 Supreme Court Roundup Webinar with Casetext

Casetext and SCOTUSblog hosted a webinar on July 23 to debrief the blockbuster 2019-20 Supreme Court term. SCOTUSblog Publisher and Co-Founder Tom Goldstein and Goldstein & Russell Partner Sarah Harrington led the discussion, moderated by Casetext Chief Operating Officer Laura Safdie. The event was co-sponsored by the American Constitution Society and the Federalist Society.

The webinar began with an overview of the current landscape of Supreme Court litigation. Sarah covered the court’s adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic, including the unprecedented decision to provide live audio of 10 rescheduled arguments held remotely by telephone in May. Tom focused on the pivotal role of Chief Justice John Roberts, whose institutionalist approach has cemented his position at the court’s ideological and operative center.

Laura and Tom also considered preparation for oral argument next term. The court has scheduled in October 10 arguments originally set for March and April, but has not indicated whether these arguments will occur remotely or in person. Tom, who will argue a software copyright case in October, illustrated some of the challenges of preparing for an argument whose format is still undecided.

This term had no shortage of major decisions. Tom and Sarah detailed the reasoning behind high-profile rulings that:

Our thanks to Casetext for co-hosting the discussion, to Laura for moderating, to Tom and Sarah for their analysis, and to ACS and FedSoc for their support.

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