The Dwight D. Opperman Foundation yesterday announced a new leadership award named in honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The award will recognize “an extraordinary woman who has exercised a positive and notable influence on society and served as an exemplary role model in both principles and practice.”

Julie Opperman, chair of the foundation, said it was an honor for Ginsburg to entrust the foundation with creating and presenting an award in her name. “Ginsburg is a hero of our time. Her influence is felt far beyond the corridors of power, and she is an inspiration to women and girls around the world.”

John Studzinski will serve as Award Chairman, overseeing a six-person council of “leading American philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and legal experts” who will vote on the submissions selected earlier this year by a nominating committee. Award recipients are not required to be lawyers or legal scholars. The first recipient will be presented with the Woman of Leadership Award by Ginsburg herself at the Library of Congress in February 2020.

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