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November argument calendar, day by day

The Court on Wednesday released the argument calendar for the sitting that begins Monday, November 2 — the second session of the new Term.  There are no afternoon arguments, and no arguments on Wednesday, November 11, because of the Veterans Day legal holiday.

All argument days begin at 10 a.m., with one hour for each case.   The daily schedule, with brief summaries of the issues involved, follows the jump.

Monday, November 2:

Foster v. Chatman — clarification of Batson v. Kentucky‘s ban on use of race to exclude African-American jurors from serving in a criminal trial

Spokeo, Inc. v. Robins — technical violation of a federal law, without proof of specific injury, as a basis for a right to sue under Article III

Tuesday, November 3:

Lockhart v. Unites States — conviction of state-law sex abuse crime not involving a minor as a basis for mandatory minimum sentence for child pornography under federal law

Torres v. Lynch — challenge to deportation after conviction of a state crime that differs in its terms from a similar federal crime

Wednesday, November 4:

Shapiro v. McManus — scope of district court judge’s duty to convene a three-judge district court to decide a redistricting case

Bruce v. Samuels — legal duty of indigent prison inmate to pay court filing fees

Monday, November 9:

Montanile v. Trustees, National Elevator Industry Health Benefit Plan — duty of benefit plan administrator to identify the specific funds that the plan seeks to recover as over-payments to a participant

Kingdomware Technologies v. United States legal duty of Department of Veterans Affairs to set aside contracts for veteran-owned small business firms

Tuesday, November 10:

Tyson Foods v. Bouaphakeo —  limit on certifying a legal class or collective group to sue based on average data about the factual evidence of injury

Luis v. United States– right to use criminal suspect’s legal funds not subject to forfeiture to pay a defense lawyer

Wednesday, November 11 — legal holiday – no arguments



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