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Court to show more actions

When the new Term of the Supreme Court opens next Monday, the Court will begin making public on its docket and website two kinds of information about actions that often are significant but have not previously been fully published, the Court has decided.

First, when the Court has distributed a case for a private Conference of the Justices, but a decision is made before that Conference to reschedule it, that fact will be reported promptly on the docket page for that case. Later, the docket page for that case will reflect when it will next be scheduled for consideration.

Second, if an individual Justice takes an action — for example, on a request to postpone a lower court ruling — and actually creates an order, that will appear on the orders section on the Court’s website as an order by an individual Justice, by name.   Such orders already have been entered on the docket, and that will continue along with the website entry.

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