On Monday, we will launch a pretty substantial redesign of the blog’s home page, which has been several months in the making.

For every opinion day for the rest of the Term, we will put a special plan in place for the major pending rulings:  the two same-sex marriage cases, the Fisher affirmative action case, and the Shelby County challenge to Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.  On any given opinion announcement day, we will revert back to our usual operations if the Court does not issue any of those decisions.

First, we will temporarily adopt a new format.  Readers will be directed straight to the live blog, rather than our usual homepage.  In other words, you will see only the live blog, not any other posts.  This format makes sure that the blog loads as fast as possible for everyone, and hopefully eliminates any chance of us crashing under the load.

On the live blog itself, several members of our team will be answering questions and publishing comments.  And obviously, we’ll be providing updates from the Court.

On days on which the Court issues a major opinion, the live blog will remain active for several hours. As soon as we can, we will post the opinions in full. Our own coverage will include initial descriptions of the rulings, followed by a more analysis and Plain English summaries.

We will add posts to the blog, including our analysis and round-ups of coverage.  But readers will access all of those posts through the live blog, where we will post links.

We also have several “snap symposia” planned to deliver a range of perspectives on the decisions after they are issued. A list of symposia contributors is below the jump.

Same-sex-marriage confirmed contributors:

Helen Alvare – George Mason University School of  Law

Randy Barnett – Georgetown University Law Center

William Duncan – Marriage Family Law Foundation

John Eastman – Chapman University School of Law

Suzanne Goldberg – Columbia Law School

Eric Restuccia and Aaron Lindstrom – Michigan Solicitor General’s Office

Steve Sanders – University of Michigan Law School

Paul Smith – Jenner & Block

Larry Tribe – Harvard Law School


Affirmative-action confirmed contributors:

Vik Amar – UC Davis School of Law

David Bernstein – George Mason University Law School

Elise Bodie – NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Roger Clegg – Center for Equal Opportunity

Melissa Hart – Colorado Law

Olati Johnson – Columbia Law School

Rick Sander – UCLA Law School

Abigail Thernstrom – U.S. Commission on Civil Rights


Voting Rights Act confirmed contributors:

Rick Hasen – University of California Irvine Law School

Jeffrey Harris – Bancroft PLLC

Ellen Katz – University of Michigan Law School

Justin Levitt – Loyola Law School, Los Angeles

John Neiman – Solicitor General of Alabama

Rick Pildes – New York University Law School

Ilya Shapiro – Cato Institute

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