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Change in orders release (UPDATED)

UPDATE 12:45 pm.   The new early release procedure will be followed on all days when a regular Order List is due to be released, and not just on days when the Court will be sitting.  With that policy going into effect tomorrow, presumably that means that, if there are grants out of today’s Conference, they will be made available at 9:30 am Tuesday.  Otherwise, all orders coming out of that Conference will be released next Monday at 9:30 am.


In the Supreme Court’s new Term, soon to open, the Justices will follow a new routine in the release of orders when the Court is sitting.  On those days, the list of orders will be made public at 9:30 a.m., rather than 10 a.m., the custom for many years.  The Court announced the change in a news release Monday morning; it can be read here.

The Court explained the switch by saying that, on days when the Justices take to the bench, the release of the orders a half-hour earlier will give the public, the press, and attorneys more chance to review the Court’s actions before the public sitting begins.

The change will take effect tomorrow morning.

The Court’s Term formally begins next Monday, when oral arguments resume.  The Court is meeting in a private Conference this morning to decide which new cases, if any, will be granted for review in the new Term.   The Court has released its calendars for oral argument for the October, November, and December sittings.



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