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January arguments — day by day (Revised)

UPDATE:  On December 9, the Court revised its January calendar in order to add to the schedule the Texas redistricting cases, due for one hour of argument on Monday, Jan. 9, beginning at 1 p.m.   This change is reflected in the daily listing in the following post, which was published earlier.  The revised calendar can be viewed here.

FURTHER UPDATE: The Court has expanded the time for the Texas redistricting argument to 70 minutes, to allow time for the Solicitor General to participate.  The current version of the calendar is here.


The Supreme Court on Monday afternoon released the schedule of oral arguments for the sitting that begins Monday, January 9.  The highest-profile case in the list is the one testing the constitutionality of the Federal Communications Commission’s ban on the single use of profane words and scripted nudity on television and radio, scheduled for Tuesday, January 10.  Following the jump is the day-by-day list, with a summary of the issues at stake in each case.

Mon., Jan. 9:

10-1062Sackett v. EPA — right to sue to challenge EPA order to stop polluting waterways or wetlands (grant limited)

10-1219 — Kappos v. Hyatt — scope of inventor’s right to challenge in District Court a denial by PTO of a patent application

UPDATED:  Added, afternoon argument, 1 p.m.:  11-713, Perry v. Perez; 11-714, Perry v. Davis; and 11-715, Perry v. Perez — power of  U.S. District Court to issue “interim” redistricting maps for 2012 elections to the Texas state legislature and to the state’s delegation in the House of Representatives (consolidated, one hour of argument).  FURTHER UPDATED: This argument will now be 70 minutes in length, with 10 minutes for the U.S. Solicitor General.

Tues., Jan 10:

10-1121 Knox v. Service Employees International Union — right of non-union public employees to challenge union fees to pay for political expenses (also, mootness issue)

10-1293FCC v. Fox TV, ABC TV — constitutionality of FCC ban on broadcast of expletives and nudity (grant limited)

Wed., Jan. 11:

10-1016Coleman v. Maryland Court of Appeals — 11th Amendment immunity of states to lawsuit for denial of sick leave for a worker’s own medical condition

10-1399Roberts v. Sea-Land Services — scope of longshore worker’s eligibility for compensation for partial disability from a work-related injury (grant limited)

Mon., Jan. 16 — legal holiday (no arguments)

Tues., Jan. 17

11-139U.S. v. Home Concrete & Supply — IRS authority to lengthen the time to pursue added taxes because a deduction was overstated on a return

10-1018Filarsky v. Delia — legal immunity for private lawyers while working temporarily for the government

Wed., Jan. 18:

10-1542 and 10-1543Holder v. Gutierrez and Holder v. Sawyers — scope of a non-citizen U.S. resident’s right to have a deportation order cancelled (cases consolidated, one hour of argument)

10-1211Vartelas v. Holder— retroactive application of a 1996 federal law to affect the right of a resident alien to re-enter the U.S. when a crime committed earlier is used to bar the return




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