The Supreme Court on Monday released the calendar of oral arguments for the December sitting, which begins on Monday, Nov. 28.   All arguments will be in the morning, beginning at 10 a.m. each day.  Following the jump is the day-by-day schedule, with a summary of the issues involved in each case.

Mon., Nov. 28:

First American Financial Services v. Edwards (10-708) — right to sue under federal realty settlement law (review limited to Question 2)

Mims v. Arrow Financial Services (10-1195) — consumer right to sue over telephone marketing calls

Tues., Nov. 29:

Hall v U.S. (10-875) — capital gains tax on sale of farm by bankrupt owner

Credit Suisse Securities v. Simmonds (10-1261) — time limit to file securities lawsuit (Chief Justice recused)

Wed., Nov. 30:

Setser v. U.S. (10-7387) — federal judge’s power to set federal sentence to run consecutively to future state sentence

Federal Aviation Administration v. Cooper (10-1024) — scope of damages for violation of federal Privacy Act (Justice Kagan recused)

Mon., Dec. 5:

Caraco Pharmaceutical v. Novo Nordisk (10-844) — scope of patent protection for overbroad invention claim for new drug

Messerschmidt v. Millender (10-704) — police immunity for carrying out overbroad search warrant

Tues., Dec. 6:

Martel v. Clair (10-1265) — scope of convicted individual’s right to replace court-appointed lawyer in federal habeas proceeding

Williams v. Illinois (10-8505) — prosecutor’s power to present expert witness to discuss crime lab report when the lab analyst does not appear

Wed., Dec. 7:

Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus Laboratories (10-1150) — right to obtain a patent on a doctor’s medical diagnosis of a patient’s reaction to drug

PPL Montana v. Montana (10-218) — constitutional test for determining who owns the bed of a river (review limited to Question 1)



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