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Announcing symposium on same-sex marriage

Continuing with our summer symposia, for the next two weeks SCOTUSblog will be hosting an on-line debate on the topic of same-sex marriage. Although neither the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) nor California’s Proposition 8 (now embodied in Article 1 Section 7.5 of California’s Constitution) is currently before the Court, challenges to both have been percolating in the lower courts  in California, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, and elsewhere and are likely to reach the Court soon, even if not this Term.

During this symposium, guest bloggers will weigh in on how the Court is likely to approach the question of same-sex marriage. Authors will consider, among other things,  whether the issue of same-sex marriage is ripe for the Court’s review, what standard of review the Court should use if it does reach the merits, and how the Court’s decisions in cases such as Romer v. Evans and Lawrence v. Texas will affect its views on the constitutionality of DOMA and Proposition 8, as well as broader questions about federalism and religious liberty.

We are grateful to the following authors, listed in alphabetical order, who have agreed to contribute to our symposium:

Carlos Ball – Rutgers University School of Law

Bob Barr -  Former Representative for  Georgia’s Seventh Congressional District

Thomas Berg – University of St. Thomas School of Law

Dale Carpenter – University of Minnesota Law School

Erwin Chemerinsky – UC Irvine School of Law

David Cruz – USC Gould School of Law

William C. Duncan – Marriage Law Foundation

John Eastman – Chapman University School of Law

William Eskridge – Yale Law School

Maggie Gallagher – Institute for Marriage and Public Policy

Charles Fried – Harvard Law School

Andrew Koppelman – Northwestern University School of Law

Pamela Karlan – Stanford Law School

Robert Levy – Cato Institute

Laurence Tribe – Harvard Law School

Brian Raum – Alliance Defense Fund

Ruthann Robson – CUNY School of Law

Robin Wilson – Washington & Lee School of Law

Kenji Yoshino – New York University School of Law

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