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Donald Verrilli confirmed as SG

The Senate just voted 72-16 to provide its consent to the appointment of Don Verrilli to be the (I think) 46th confirmed Solicitor General of the United States.  I had the great good fortune of working with Don over much of the past two years; he’s one of the finest lawyers and colleagues I’ve ever known, and I can say with absolute confidence — and with the concurrence of not only other DOJ colleagues but also dozens of members of the Supreme Court bar  who have worked with, or appeared against, Don — that he will serve with extraordinary judgment and integrity, and unwavering dedication to the representation of the best interests of the United States.

This is also an occasion to add that we here at Georgetown are excited about the prospect of welcoming back our colleague Neal Katyal, after Neal’s superlative service as Deputy and then Acting Solicitor General over the past 28 months.

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